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    Deep, mystical, magical,
    scientific, universal patterns
    formed over billions of years ...

    Fairly simple, really.

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  • What's Love Got To Do With It?

    There are four aspects of Love.
    To understand love is to have boundaries.

    • Personal Love
    • Spiritual Love
    • Active Love
    • Passive Love

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  • What About Abuse?

    Do you know when you are being abused?
    Know when you are abusing yourself or someone else.

    • Are you being heard?
    • Are you being understood?
    • Do you feel respected?
    • Do you feel safe?

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  • Karma keeps us on the wheel of life.

    The Tree of Life shows the pathways for life’s lessons.
    Desire moves the spirit forward.

    • Desire for fame causes the discovery of self-expression and ego.
    • Desire for enlightenment creates the exploration of Spirit.
    • Desire for relationships invites acceptance of diversity.
    • All wants creates an opportunity to master life.

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  • What about Duality?

    Black/White, Feminine/Masculine, As Above So Below.
    You are the consciousness that travels between worlds.

    • You are spirit evolving through experience.
    • Your choices decide your destiny.
    • Freedom comes through space and time.

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  • What about Perception?

    Perception: the lens that creates the world we live in.
    Astrology and Tarot describe four ways of perceiving.

    Do you perceive Reality Through taking chances and following adventure? Through your feelings and sixth sense, analysis and reasoning and/or steady practical planning?

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