A Boy (and his dog) A reflection of love

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Tarot Two of Cups Minor ArcanaThis was a really fun video to do. I am allergic to dog dander so I don’t have one. But everyone else I know have dogs and I can feel the love and healing the dog gives to their master. At this point it doesn’t seem right to call the owner a master since the relationship is one that is so close, caring and loving going both ways.

Tarot Page of PentaclesAs with any relationship there are two sides. The owner is a person and so is the dog. If you have a dog you know what I mean. Even people with birds talk about the personalities of their birds. Your pets have feelings, are clever and are learning all the time.

The Dog and his boy (reflections of love)

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The Dog (A person of determination, joy and love)

Tarot High Prestess Major ArcanaNow that you have watched the three part video about the Boy and his relationship with his dog, it is time to see the world from the Dogs eyes and heart. As with any good reading we become empathetic with the cards being laid out so we can think, sense, feel and understand the world from another’s point of view. This is the practice of Empathic Resonance. After doing such a reading, we must check if what you see in the reading is reflected in the other. The reading helps us open up to another reality, the one the other experiences. Such is the way of Oneness.

Profiling Killers

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We all do it.

It is a form of trying to understand why people do the things they do. On TV or the movies we tend to see it as understanding murders and killers. The act itself is about empathy. It is about putting ourself into the mind and heart of another. That is a good thing. Profiling killers is a bit gruesome when you are watching what the  killers did. By the act of understanding what thinking process and emotional state that killer was in during the murder is to understand the darkest state of the human condition.