Category Language of Astrology

  • Signs and Planets

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    Astrology planets with signs

    The Planets represent ten aspects of our personality. Discover which you are most strong in. Saturn would make you very dependable. Venus makes you fun.

  • Seasons, Modes, Elements

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    Modes Elements Seasons

    As the year goes by we have our seasons. Astrology has broken down these seasons into parts. Modes and Elements in each Season. They help with understanding why each sign has its nature. Why are they the way they are?

  • Houses

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    houses chart - tarot card expert

    Mastery over the 12 Astrological Houses creates success on both the inner world as well as the outer world.

  • Aspects

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    Aspects in Astrology has to do with how all the parts of the Zodiac, the Signs, relate with each other. In your chart there are aspects that reflect what part of your personality relates to another part. Moon represents your needs. Venus represent your wants. If you need peace and quiet and want excitement, you will likely pick the wrong partner.