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  • Major Arcana

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    major arcan the magician

    The Major Arcana (Major Wisdom) are cards that reflect what part of your self discovery process you are supposed to experience and master when ever it shows up. Each card offers you an opportunity to know and feel through your individuality the wisdom that is not of your own creation or control.

  • Minor Arcana

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    minor arcana ace of pentacles

    Master your reactions and you master your life. The Minor Arcana (Small Wisdom) express how it is to be human. What is the way of the mind, body, emotions and inspiration. Learn the Minor Arcana to become conscious of your reactivity to life events.

  • Court Cards

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    Court Cards Queen of Swords

    Court cards are personalities. They express the thought process, energetic atribute, and purpose of the elements. Age and gender does not matter.

  • 21 Card Spread

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    21 card spread art

    It looks complicated but it is actually very basic to our human, and animal, experience of life. This spread covers how we think, feel, what our wishes are and how to get what we want, what are our deeper lessons and where is all this going. You can look into the past and see the future. Wouldn’t you like to know?