What about Duality?

  • Yin/Yang, Black/White, Feminine/Masculine, As Above So Below.
  • Duality is good! It is diversity.
  • You are the consciousness that travels between worlds.
  • You are spirit who evolves through aware experience.
  • You are allowed to make choices that will change your life.
  • You have freedom that only comes through space and time.
  • Through awareness we can experience the One.
  • We are the many parts of The Oneness.

Yin/Yang, Black/White, Feminine/Masculine, As Above So Below.

The Big Bang, DNA, and As Above So Below are all about duality . Within the DNA of our cells is the blue print of our body. All parts of our body and even our attitudes can be found in our DNA. Cloning is possible because of the fact that the details of the flower or animal is found in every cell.

3-empress  We are the result of the Big Bang. First there was nothing. Then there was something. That is duality. First there was no space and time. All of a sudden there was space and time. Molecules and gas become stars and planets. All-That-Is came from that Big Bang. Before duality there was only Oneness. Now Oneness is also duality. Duality is good! Duality creates diversity. It’s all good when we can learn from it. We have many more life times to master these lessons. That is what evolution is about.

8-cups  There are some people that are tired of duality. They want Oneness now. Don’t worry. We are all going there when the time is complete. That time is right when you have had enough of everything this reality of duality has to offer. You will absolutely have no need for life experiences. You will know that you and all of duality are one thing and you have come to consciously embrace it all with totally gratitude and humility. Then you disappear.

10-wheel-of-fortune  Meanwhile we get to trip around reality seeing this and tasting that and feeling this and thinking that. We get to know the opposites of everything; fear and love, me and another, worry and liberation, freedom and confinement, time and space, hot summers and cold winters, wet water and dry wind, soft and rough, awake and asleep. Think about it. Imagine not haveing any of these experiences. I hear about the bliss of the Oneness. I personally am enjoying the experience of duality and thanking the All-that-is for my ability to experience it consciously so I can master my reactivity to life situations. I thank the source for the opportunity to come back to the center of this crazy spinning wheel of life and find Source again from an awakened state. On top of that I think Source has a great sense of humor about this whole thing. After all, where do you think our humor comes from? The Tree of Life puts it all together. It is the map we are constantly walking.

You are the consciousness that travels between many worlds.

0-fool  Duality is the world we live in so we can explore the extremes of space and time, energy and rest, having 5 senses or no senses. Consciousness allows us to move between the worlds of feeling, thoughts, senses and spirit so we can become conscious and aware beings. We can go from not knowing to knowing. We get to explore separation and union. We travel between dreams to reality. We can go inward into our hearts and body. We can go outward into the other dimensions. We can experience thoughts, feelings and what it is like to have a body. We can grow from ignorance to enlightenment. We can discover the many faces of the Divine. Without consciousness we would live in a reality that is seems like an accident. Everything that happened would seem random. Tarot and Astrology has organized this reality to guide us like a map back to Source.

Your spirit evolves through experience.

21-word  Your spirit is here to evolve. We need an experience to be able to learn from. We need to experience the way of thinking, loving, and living. We can experience heart ache. How would we understand the pain of loss unless we value something and then lose it? How would we value relationships unless we have experienced loneliness? How would we know wisdom if we are not allowed to discover a deeper understanding of life? Life experiences stimulate the many parts of our personality like a musician creates music by playing the many strings of an instrument. Experience allows us to hear our music. If you like the music, we keep playing it. If we don’t like your music, time to learn to play.

You are allowed to make choices that change your life direction.

6-lovers  Time and space allows us to make make choices. Through duality we can like something or not like it. This is how we learn. We make choices and learn how to handle the consequences of those choices. We can choose to take a partner or live alone. Each will teach you something about that choice. When you have learned enough, you can choose differently. You can take that job or refuse that job. One way or another there is always something to learn if you are awake to your own life. Tarot and Astrology helps to awaken your consciousness and grow your awareness. They give you the language to be able to name your life experiences. They allow you to explore deeply the where and why of your experiences. Tarot will also allow you to see into the future of those choices.

You have freedom that only comes through space and time.

astrology planet uranus  Freedom takes a lot of space. Space allows us to move from point A to point B. We must take that freedom to be able to spread our spiritual wings and fly. Of course we can choose not to be so bold. Another lesson will be learned by that form of restriction. Freedom comes with a great deal of responsibility if we are to become powerful through that freedom. Freedom is not about being irresponsible. All our actions are chosen. As long as we take the attitude of choosing we will be free. Choose and take responsibility for those choices. We must practice our freedom wisely. Tarot readings are good for giving a heads up to the effect that freedom has on our future.

Through experience we get to know The One.

sideB-tree   There is only The One. There is only the Source of All-That-Is. What else can there be? We are the expression of the many frequencies of The One. Like a stream of light that is shown through a prism, the colors on the other side are our many faces of duality. We are blessed to experience red or blue. We get to experience dark and light. This is how we become conscious beings that will actually know The One through insight which leads to enlightenment. We are God Awareness looking into all life experiences through our eyes. What an amazing gift we have been given. Everyone and everything you see and experience is an expression of The One. Deeply and completely understanding this perspective. It will lead to Enlightenment.

We are the many parts of The Oneness.