What about Karma?

  • Karma keeps us on the wheel of life.
  • The Tree of Life shows the pathways for our life’s lessons.
  • Desire moves the spirit forward.
  • Desire keeps the wheel turning.
  • Desire for fame and recognition creates attachments.
  • Desire for enlightenment creates the exploration of Spirit.
  • Desire for relationships invites acceptance of diversity.
  • All wants create an opportunity to master life.

Karma keeps us on the wheel of life.

10-wheel-of-fortune Nothing wrong with that. We have been on the wheel for millions of lifetimes. Why stop now when things are really getting interesting? When we want to master something we will want to do it again and again so we can finally get it right. There are those who forgot they came for another chance. They will go back to sleep, space out or shut down their talents and dull their senses. There are those who thought they could handle this boot camp of the soul. Then they realized it was a lot harder work than they were ready for. Their soul was ready. They just forgot.

18-moon When they return to the other side, they will remember again. Then they will want to try again. They come back for another try. People who have a Near Death Experience come back to say what a blessing it is to be here. Past life regression workers find there are reasons for every incarnation. Life on earth is like a school for the spirit. We are climbing back up the very steep cliff after jumping off like the Fool in the Major Arcana. When we get back up to the top we can proudly say, “Man, that was a trip and a half!”

The Tree of Life shows the pathways back to Source

sideB-tree When we take a look at The Tree of Life we start from the bottom moving up. The Major Arcana run along the pathways between the circles where the Minor Arcana live. All four of the tens live at the bottom circle. You may also notice that the last of the Major Arcana, The World, is at the bottom. The top has the beginning three Major Arcana, The Fool, The Magician and The Empress. The colored circles are the colors of the seven chakras. The red or Root Chakra is at the bottom. We must use that energy to have the life force to live in this world with. The Root Chakra is about survival. You have the right to be here. Own your life and fight for it. The root chakra is connected with the Crown Chakra. There is a straight path going from the bottom of the tree to the top. That is the Middle Pillar that is the fastest way back up to the top or Source. The side roads are full of action and knowledge. Why miss out on the show called your life where experiencing the extreams make life interesting.

19-sun The middle circle is green. That is the Heart Chakra. It is the center of the tree. You can see all the lines connected to the heart. That is our love center. From here we give and receive love. It also represents our physical heart and lungs area. All the six’s in the Minor Arcana live here. (Check out the Minor Arcana Course. Especially the Minor Arcana by the Numbers.) They are the most centered in the Minor Arcana.

Desire moves the spirit forward.

8-strengthIn the Buddhist way, desire is the cause of all suffering. The problem is as long as we live on this plane we will have desires. We may even desire enlightenment. We might desire to become more Buddha like. Without desire we have no direction. Without desire we have no drive. When we want a better life we will move forward to create something better than what we have now. Desire moves the spirit to expand and learn more. Our goal is to master all aspects of this planetary life. Having feelings makes the experience more challenging. These feelings also give life meaning and rewards when we feel good and proud. Desire is a feeling that wants to do better. When we have a vision we want to manifest it. That is the carrot at the end of our stick. It keeps us going.

Desire keeps the wheel turning.

13-death If you don’t want to come back onto the wheel then you will come back because that is a desire. Desire leaves when we have satisfied completely what that desire is about.  The lesson can be hard or painful. But when you have totally learned that lesson, you have mastered forgiveness and understanding through objective witnessing. That means you will not experience that pain or hardship in the same old ignorant or self indulged way. Pain and suffering will end up opening you up to more doors of self mastery, loving consciousness, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom.

4-cups 5-swords Not coming back means there is nothing about being in this life that you need to know about any more. You are complete and at peace about letting go of everything this plane has to offer. You may want to live in a world where no one gets hurt or experiences struggle. A place where nothing dies and we never feel the pain of loss. In the next life you may experience no pain or hardship and find yourself not growing at all. Then you may want to seek enlightenment. Here we go again back on the wheel of this life.

Desire for fame and recognition.

sun sign leo astrology  astrology planet moonYou may want to experience fame and fortune. You may want to experience a life of music, crazy parties and popularity that comes with no privacy. Your children will not know what a “normal” life would be like. You may have to learn about what a true and trusting friendship is about. You may have to learn about charming liers. Managing that amount of money is difficult. Are people around you because of your fame and money or who you are? Wanting fame and fortune is something that seems like a great thing but that life style is very strange. More for our spirit to become educated about.

Desire enlightenment for the exploration of Spirit.

astrology sign sagittarious  5-hierophant You may want to explore the world of the spirit. You may and travel around the world studying under many shamans and gurus. You will learn about false teachers and real ones. You will learn that the real teachers are humble and quiet. They gently lead you to find your own relationship with Divinity. Divinity is you and all around you. But first you must realize the Divine in you. Then you will see Divinity in all worlds through Oneness with Love. That is a desire worth seeking.

Desire relationships to learn acceptance of diversity.

astrological sign libra 2-cups You may want to explore the world of relationships. How can we live in mutual cooperation with others? In relationships we learn about the trust that is created by keeping our word. We also learn about words that are not true. How do we deal with that? What are fair laws? What are fair and right agreements?

11-justice In relationships we learn about getting along with those who are different from us. There will be those who are more dominating than us. There will be those who are more permissive and passive than us. How can we work together without trying to make the other into what I want? How can I be with this person and still be true to myself?

9-hermit Many get into relationships and find they never felt more alone. These are the lessons of what having a relationship is about. When we have mastered owning ourself and still being able to love and respect our partner then we will have learned the lessons or relationships.

Desire creates an opportunity to master life.

knight-cupsThe clock has twelve numbers on it. The hour hand goes around every twelve hours and again to count the full day. Every moment that goes by is an opportunity to do something different. For some each day goes by like running water. It just passes away. Many don’t even notice the hour hand has moved just as they don’t notice how their life has moved.

We are so blessed

3-empressLook at all our resources seen and unseen. This creation is full of answers. We just have to go for it and find them. We are all in it together when we are functioning for the good of all. We are one team. We are one tribe. We are many. The ignorant misguided ones are here to teach us forgiveness and understanding. Our work is still cut out for us. We must keep up with the climb back to the Creator Consciousness and beyond. We will teach others along the way. As small as you may feel, every effort on your part to climb back up that cliff is actually lifting all of humanity with you. No one is being left behind. You are being lifted by all us in this dimension and all the others as well. You are never truly alone.