Which Tribe do you belong to?

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Tribes of Life

four of wands tarotcardexpert.com  Everyone wants to belong to a tribe, a pod, a religion, a movement or group where we feel like we are made of the same stuff. Among the people of that tribe there are unspoken understandings. A different tribe will not have had the same experiences or beliefs about life so different tribes tend not to understand the other. A tribe of Eskimos will know something about snow that a Hawaiian tribe would not. We feel at home with people of the same interest and life experience. Then we can also learn from each others mistakes and successes.

astrology pisces  A person who has never had an illness or accident may have a difficult time personally understanding someone who has survived cancer or another debilitating illness. A person who has worked hard and saved up their money for a more secure future may not empathize with one who spends money as quickly as they make it. Someone who has always found learning easy may not understand someone with a learning disability.

aquarian aquarius  That is why there are cancer survival groups and events. They pull those who have had these experiences together to give each other support and understanding so no one feels like they are battling their disease alone. Some families who care for a disabled child will gather with others who understand the sacrifices that are made. It takes a special kind of love and sacrifice to care for their disabled child. They have created a tribe, pod or group that are made of the same stuff and share information to help, network and support each other.

Conscious Evolution Tribes

(Tree of Life) The Evolution of Consciousness is broken down into twelve stages according to Astrology. In Tarot the Evolution of Consciousness is broken down into the twenty-two life lessons found in the Major Arcana. The personalities and attitudes we use to navigate those lessons are found in the Minor Arcana. The Tree of Life has combined the two flawlessly. In this article we will look at the twelve stages as tribes through Astrology.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are aspects of your consciousness. They each have the style of energy, interests and passion that moves them through any life situation toward self-mastery. We need to recognize these twelve personality traits within our self and others so we can live a full and balanced life. These twelve aspects are expressed through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Learn your purpose through the Language of Astrology Lessons.

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Each sign has a purpose in the evolution of our consciousness. Each sign is actualized through you. Your job is to recognize and become conscious of the twelve parts of your personality. By understanding how these twelve signs think and feel, you can have mastery over the energies and talents.

You are way more than your Sun sign. You are your rising sign as well as the sign the Moon in during your moment of birth. Then there are the other eight planets that also create your personality and tendencies. Many people will have three or more planets involved with only one sign. (There are only 8 planets plus the Sun and Moon). Some people will have more than one element. Earth people are practical security conscious people. Fire people are into excitement and adventure. (All this is covered in the Astrology Lessons as well as throughout this site.) That is why many will say that when they read about their Astrological Sun sign it doesn’t sound like them. It is important to learn about all twelve signs as well as the planets that are involved to fully get how humanity works. Below are the planets. They are your angels, messengers, that give you specific energy and intelligence for you to do your life with.

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For now we will be looking at the nature of each Astrological sign and why they are they way they need to be. All twelve are very important to the evolution of consciousness. We have been reincarnating lifetime after lifetime so we can get it right. Like learning the alphabet first we must learn the letters in order first. Then we put them together to make words. Finally we learn how to make sentences. It is the same with consciousness. First we start with realizing that we have a body we can move (Aries). Then we learn how to own stuff, “Mine!” (Taurus). Then we learn to communicate (Gemini). Then we learn about love of family (Cancer).  Then we become creative and expressing of our self (Leo) and so on through all twelve signs. This is all listed below. (The Tarot Card Expert Astrology lessons you will also learn how Tarot is linked with all the signs.)

queen-pent  It is well recognize that a healthy childhood is more likely to create a health adult. There are stages of development that need to be supported for a child to become a healthy functioning being. The same is true in Astrology. When we are aware of how each sign works and doesn’t work then we can choose how to behave. We learn from our mistakes. That is the way of mastery. The path of experimentation is the path of self discovery and maturation (check out the Tarot Court Cards lessons.)

3-pent  Have you noticed how many different jobs there are? Think about how many different fields of work exist. There is the field of the problem solver in perfect egoless work (Virgo Tribe). Then there is the world of the performers with childlike play (Leo Tribe). There are those who are in the spiritual, metaphysical world of the Mind (Pisces Tribe). Ghost Hunters and the world of death (Scorpio Tribe). There are those who are in the military (Aries Tribe). Each of them are a tribe. They understand each other and help each other do a better job.

 astrology neptune tarot card expert  astrology planet mars  Each Astrological sign is like a tribe. The Aries Tribe are athletic and forceful about the way they go about life. The Pisces Tribe are idealistic, sensitive, empathetic, emotional and psychic. Pisces is very different from the Aries Tribe. But they are both necessary to become a whole person. We must master being brave and fearless like an Aries as well as be in touch with helping others in this Pisces sensitive and empathetic way.

Each Tribe is unique with their talents and passions. All people come in with more than one trait. We are complicated and whole beings. We will utilize one energy over another for different projects. Fire energy is there to get inspired and fired up about a project. The water element will be used for love and imagination. The air element will help with thinking things through before plunging in. The earth element will make sure all the parts are there to make the inspiration become reality.

element astrology fire astrology sign aries sun sign leo astrology astrology sign sagittariousThe Fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are always active, adventurous, and experimental each in their unique way. They are all quite lively and entertaining because of their cut loose and experimental attitude.

element astrology water astrological sun sign cancer astrological sign scorpioastrological sign piscesThe watery tribes of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will always be feeling centered each in their unique way. They tend to be sensing people out all the time. They can be overwhelmed by the complexities of all that is in this world.

astrology element air astrological sign libra aquarian aquarius astrology sun sign geminiThe Air tribes are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. They tend to live up in their heads and enjoy sharing ideas and brainstorming. They want communication and networking. Their reality is one of logic.

astrology element earth capricorn birth sign astrology Astrology sign tarus astrology tarot virgoThe Earth tribes of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are very practical, hard-working and dependable. Like the movement of the earth they move slow and steady. They build upon success after success.

Each sign is a face of the Source. Becoming conscious of the ways of each sign gives us understanding about our life purpose. They are here to give us the information to become whole. Each sign must act out their personality so they can master it. They must be given the right to be themselves. Taurus Tribe must have the right to know the security of ownership. The Tribe of Gemini must have the right to gather information. The Tribe of Cancer must have the right to master love and the home.

All Twelve Tribes must have the right to be themselves. They must be given the respect and space for them to master their nature, needs and talents. Then they can contribute to the nation of all the other tribes and create a better world. This world must be one of Human Rights for all. Grow the good and Do No Harm.

The Twelve Human Rights

Just as the United States have a Bill of Rights, we have rights as well. It comes in the form of personal rights that the twelve signs of the Zodiac define. Read the twelve rights.  They are your Human Rights. They came from the twelve signs. Each sign specializes in one right. They are listed according to the order of the signs from Aries to Pisces.

Astrology: The journey to wholeness.

  1.   Aries: We are born with a body that we need to test. Pushing limits.
  2.   Taurus: We build self-esteem through ownership of a beautiful life.
  3.   Gemini: We are here to network through communication. Become informed.
  4.   Cancer: We discover where we belong. Love of family.
  5.   Leo: We express ourself by our right to show off. Learning to have fun.
  6.   Virgo: We learn to be present in our service to work and health. Daily rituals.
  7.   Libra: We realize through our partners in life. Fair and right relationships.
  8.   Scorpio: We realize through the hidden motives. Life and death are now.
  9.   Sagittarius: We are inspired to know the world mind. Developing faith.
  10.   Capricorn: We will be ready for our later years. The respectable senior.
  11.   Aquarius: We need a better future NOW!. Humanitarian.
  12.   Pisces: We know the life you have is of your mind. Observe obsession.

Understand your many parts

We are all these signs. Become conscious of all parts of yourself. Then you can master your many talents and skills. We may focus on one tribe’s talents over another but all 12 tribes reside within you. These 12 tribes are the faces of the One. By understanding each tribe we understand our brothers and sisters on this global village called Earth.

6-cups  You will also help others master the way of their inner tribes.  Help everyone master themselves so they too can help those outside themselves. Do it with love (Read “What about Love”) Grow the Good and Do No Harm. When we understand the reasoning of another tribe there can be peace. One tribe will try to make the other be like themselves. We need all 12 to be whole. We have the right to be the totality of our many tribes. Take in the goals of each tribe. Learn to understand their impact upon each other. Understand their impact within our own being. Then you will become compassionate and loving of your many neighbors which are all of our different paths. Self Mastery is your life purpose. That is the purpose of Astrology and Tarot and The Tree of Life.

Each sign specializes in one phase of our maturation. Each sign is like a tribe that is focused in one subject. All twelve tribes express an aspect of our human rights. We need all twelve to thrive.

The sound of The One
is heard through the chorus of the many.
The light of The One
is the Rainbow of all frequencies.
The touch of The One
is felt through Love.
We are The One.