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Tarot Card Expert is about your life.

 20-judgment To know yourself is to know everyone. To know yourself is also to know who you are not. You are not what society tells you. You are not even what your parents or friends tell you. There is a unique you that has a very unique purpose in life that is yet to be consciously discovered.

Tarot readings tell you when you are off track.

  18-moon  When we live in fear of social rejection or even the survival of just being able to live a comfortable life, we begin to lose our center and totally get caught up in what else can go wrong. The wisdom of Tarot can help give an overview to help put the traumas and dramas of life in prespective. It can even help you see what is around the corner like a birds eye view of your situation.

So who are you?

  10-wheel-of-fortune  You are the result of the Big Bang! It took billions of years for you to get here. You carry the DNA of the Big Bang and everything else this universe is made of. You are a product of this Ocean of Consciousness. As a conscious being, we are here to wake up to the fact that we are here with certain talents, feelings, thoughts, ideas and inspirations that are unique only to you. You are here to celebrate that uniquness.

  page-pent You are here to learn. Many lifetimes have passed. We come back to start over again but we still carry the DNA of what we have learned from before. We get to play the game again until we have totally mastered it. The more we master the more we want to test what we know. Children need a bit of pain to help them become stronger; just enough to know they can handle what comes their way.  Later we learn we want to handle more.

  5-hierophant We are also here to help others. It’s funny how good we feel when we do something good for someone. That is a natural part of our spiritual nature. We need to give and we need to receive someone else’s giving. Then the cycle is complete. Then life is in balance. You must be able to do both.

  16-tower  We learn through shock and surprises. Who knows if it was destined or we finally got caught. What ever it is, we learn to deal with life on our feet. We get to see where we have fooled ourself by our own fantasies and expectations. We are here to learn about truth. The more you are a seeker of truth, the more you will be surprised.

  5-cups How we handle disappointment helps us to become winners or losers. Do we only look at what didn’t work or do we realize that maybe we had certain expectations that were based upon our limited needs and find that life had other plans for us? Can we be pro-active instead of reactive?

  9-hermit  Go inward to find your truth. Seperate yourself from the rest of the world and look for your inner truth. The outer world is there as a trigger for you to learn about your inner truth. The more we learn about ourself the more we can shine the light of wisdom for others to learn from.

  10-pent We live in an amazingly abundant reality. There is help all around us; in multi-dimensions inside and outside us (actually it is all inside but that is another story). So go with the Attitude of Gratitude. It is amazing how the world begins to look better and better every day when one is grateful!.

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